06/30/2011 10:00 am ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

Patrick Guylyn, Suspected Child Molester, Arrested After Neighbors Surround Him In Apartment Building

Patrick Guylyn, 37, was arrested in Colorado Springs, Colorado for allegedly molesting a 12-year-old girl after nearly 20 residents surrounded the man’s apartment until police arrived.

Police said that the 12-year-old victim was walking in the hallway of her apartment building Wednesday evening around 7:30 p.m. when she was grabbed by Guylyn who began to fondle her and attempted to carry her all the way back to his own apartment, 7News reports.

A neighbor saw the incident and confronted Guylyn who then dropped the young girl and threatened the neighbor with a hammer, according to KDRO. Guylyn then retreated to his apartment.

The Denver Post reports that minutes later, 15 to 20 residents had surrounded Guylyn’s apartment building, trapping him inside until police arrived to arrest him.

Guylyn was arrested on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping, sexual assault on a child and felony menacing.