06/30/2011 10:48 am ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

Robert Adams Fined $500 For Lying About Where He Found $17,000

Next time he may not be such a good samaritan.

A man who returned $17,021 that he discovered in a plastic bag near an ATM has been fined $500 for lying to police about where he actually found the cash, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Arlington Heights resident Robert Adams was reportedly at an ATM outside a Walgreens location on June 6 in the Midlothian neighborhood when he found the abandoned Chase Bank bag full of cash.

Rather than immediately return the money, Adams drove to Rolling Meadows and handed the bag over to a Chase Bank there, later telling police that he made the discovery outside a nearby newspaper stand.

Adams' reasoning? He felt more comfortable dealing with the Rolling Meadows police and, according to the Tribune, "it was a hot day and he just wanted to get home."

Adams has since been cited for filing a false report with the Rolling Meadows Police Department.

"I know now a little better than I knew then," he told the paper. "I feel very badly and understand why I should have told the truth."

The entire incident could have been avoided had Adams not been forced to make a detour at the ATM to pick up cash on his way to a Mexican restaurant. Still, Adams says he regrets the mistake and accepts the fine

"I wasn't looking for a reward," he added. "I was just doing the right thing."