06/30/2011 11:54 am ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

Ron Artest, AKA 'Metta World Peace,' Gets In Touch With His Feminine Side

Ron Artest, soon to be known as "Metta World Peace," is one of the few NBA players to make headlines for his work both on and off the courts. Aside from winning an NBA championship in 2010, he's an outspoken advocate for mental health issues, he's starting a comedy show tour, and he even once cut a song about the plight of Afghan women. And through it all, Artest has been open, honest, and emotional with his fans about what's going on inside.

On KCRW's Guest DJ Project, Artest goes even deeper as he reveals his top pre-game songs:

1: My Life by Mary J. Blige
2: Forever Mine by The O'Jays
3: How Long, Sweet Daddy, How Long by Alberta Hunter
4: 'Cause I Love You by Lenny Williams
5: Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep

You'll notice a lot of R&B and "old school" songs (as old as the 1920s). Artest says, "I can't listen to rap before a game because I get too emotional, too passionate and it takes my whole spiritual mindset -- it's all messed up."

Other choice nuggets from the DJ set include his admission that he's still hung up over his tween romance, he has never really given himself "to anybody 100% -- not even [his] wife," and that he has a problem with contemporary songs that refer to women as b-tches, chicks, and 'hos.

For more of the unexpectedly honest and raw interview with Artest, check out KCRW.