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The Funniest #AskObama Tweets

First Posted: 07/06/11 05:40 PM ET   Updated: 09/05/11 06:12 AM ET

President Obama took questions from the Internet today during a Twitter Town Hall meeting broadcasted from The White House. During the interactive discussion, the President fielded questions about the economy (even Republican House Speaker John Boehner tweeted, "Where are the jobs?") as well as other important topics.

It's a good thing the tweets were highly screened, however, because from what we saw on Twitter most of the topics people wanted to hear Obama gab about have little to do with the economy or his style of governing. In fact, we found some pretty hilarious "questions" tweeted with the hashtag #AskObama over the last few hours that we just have to share. Vote for your favorite tweet below!

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#askobama why he insists on guessing the end of Law&Order episodes we\'re watching. Of COURSE the killer isn\'t the most obvious suspect.
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