Beyonce's Album '4' Reaches Number One On Billboard

07/06/2011 03:51 pm ET | Updated Sep 05, 2011

The skeptics were wrong; Beyonce's latest album, '4' slid into the number one spot on Billboard 200.

'4' is the songstress' fourth solo album to reach the coveted number one spot. She joins the ranks of three other artists, and the second woman (Britney Spears being the first), to achieve such a feat.

Though her record label is 'vindicated', '4' is the lowest-selling album in Beyonce's oeuvre. Speculation over the album's 'soft entry' is linked to the lack of an obvious smash hit. Maybe this will take a toll in the future, but for right now, with '4'claiming 2011's third largest week in album sales, Queen B can rest easy.