07/06/2011 03:40 pm ET | Updated Sep 05, 2011

Chord Overstreet Staying On 'Glee'? Producers Offer Options

Upon last week's news that "Glee" would be largely jettisoning Chord Overstreet -- or, Sam Evans -- from the show, Gleeks across the web shook in anger and sadness, tweeting their emotional farewells to Trouty Mouth, as they call him on the show.

Turns out, it may not be necessary to sing goodbye just yet.

It was always known that Overstreet had options on his contract to return for a few episodes, but it sounds like the intended future for him at the show is larger than first assumed. TV Line is reporting that Overstreet can continue on in his recurring player role and perhaps then be elevated to the permanent cast.

"His option to be a series regular was just not picked up at this time," a source told TV Line. "If Chord wants to appear on Glee, the choice is his. The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him. He and his reps have been told that he is welcome back to Glee, and everyone hopes he will show up on August 10 when filming begins."

In fact, the source said, they could even bump him up to regular by mid-season.

The controversy, as it were, comes because Darren Criss, who like Overstreet joined the show in its second season, has already been elevated to full cast. But his character was the breakout star of the season, while it's taken Harry Shum, the other cast member elevated, two full seasons to get bumped up, as it would Overstreet.

In his first year, Overstreet's character became integral part of the season, featuring in an is-or-isn't-he gay storyline before -- unsuccessfully -- offering cheerleader Quinn a promise ring.