07/06/2011 12:45 pm ET | Updated Sep 05, 2011

"Follow The Sun" Takes The Classic Intermission Reel To A Dark Place (VIDEO)

Movie intermission and preview reels are as part of the movie-going experience as colossal popcorns and soda as tall as the kids. It's a pretty natural progression, then, that design studio MK12 took to the clips for inspiration for their latest short, and did it their own way.

In "Follow The Sun," we get up close and personal with the grotesque dancing snacks and beefy treats that lure us out of our velvet movie chairs - and then we watch them spiral into junk food hell and meet their doom. The resulting feature is one of both beautiful whimsy, and really creepy treats.

To make the nightmarish short, Kansas City based MK12 became experts in stop-motion animation and drive-in reels, calling on cel-frame animator TJ Fuller of Cal Arts for help. "Follow The Sun' premiered at the 10th annual FITC Design & Technology event in Toronto this year.