Samuel Dalembert And Nykesha Sales Visit Malnutrition Center In Haiti

07/10/2011 01:36 pm ET | Updated Sep 09, 2011

Sacramento Kings' center Samuel Dalembert hasn't forgotten where he comes from.

He went and paid a visit last month to a malnutrition center in Haiti that's still rebuilding after last year's earthquake, UNICEF reports. Dalembert left Haiti at the age of 13 and has played in the NBA for 10 years. He visited in hopes of creating awareness and laying the groundwork for providing aid.

"We've been wanting to make a trip like this for a while, to bring players here to see the situation so we can organize programs here."

He brought with him Nykesha Sales, a six-time WNBA All-Star. The two met with children, their families and staff.

Malnutrition is the number one cause of death among children under five in Haiti and other developing countries, according to UNICEF representative Francoise Gruloos-Ackermans.

"There has been great progress made in addressing malnutrition in Haiti through prevention and response activities. But chronic malnutrition remains a silent killer for one in three children under five years of age in Haiti, particularly in remote and under-serviced communities."


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