07/11/2011 08:54 am ET | Updated Aug 01, 2012

9 Styles From Space: How Aliens And Sci-Fi Have Inspired High Fashion

Ever since the Space Race defined international relations in the mid-to-late twentieth century, human culture has always had at least one eye turned toward the heavens beyond our own atmosphere. Indeed, one of the most defining features of fashion in the 1960's was the use of latex and other futuristic materials that spoke to the zeitgeist's obsession with outer-space.

More recently, high fashion has returned to galactic inspiration, propelled forward by visionary designers like the late and great Alexander McQueen and foisted onto the masses by pop icons like Lady Gaga. Peruse this gallery, brought to you by Disney's upcoming epic, "John Carter", to take a visual tour of space-inspired fashion, and vote for your favorite looks!