07/11/2011 10:47 am ET | Updated Sep 10, 2011

Letterman Theater Vandalized

New York City's historic Ed Sullivan Theater, home to 'Late Night With David Letterman,' was vandalized Sunday by an aspiring actor, NY Daily News reports.

Police arrested Harlem resident James "Jimmy" Whittemore, 22, around 7 a.m. Sunday after they responded to a 911 call for suspected burglary.

Whittmore, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, has been charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

He is accused of breaking into the theater by smashing several glass panels on the main door and throwing over trash cans and rope stands once inside the building.

According to police, Whittemore, a bit-actor who has appeared in several regional theater productions, caused approximately $2,000 worth of damage to the lobby and box office of the historic building.

David Letterman's padlocked studio, where he tapes his late night show, remained untouched.

Police claim there is no personal or professional connection between the accused burglar and Letterman or the theater, and simply blame the act of vandalism on impaired judgment due to a long night of drinking.