07/11/2011 08:32 am ET | Updated Sep 10, 2011

Decoding Michele Bachmann's Hand Gestures (PHOTOS)

If you've seen Michele Bachmann speak, you've also seen her gesticulate. She's probably got the best hand gestures in Washington, driving incomprehensible points home like they were rhetorical gold. If you don't have the content, you can still have a good presentation, right?

So we decided to put together a slideshow of some of our favorite Bachmann hand gestures, along with some helpful interpretations. We're pretty sure we nailed her real meaning in all of these. But more importantly, we think we've found the one almost presidential thing about her. Presidents need to know how to talk with their hands, and as far as we're concerned, that skill makes Bachmann the frontrunner.

Our Favorite Michele Bachmann Hand Gestures

All images courtesy of Getty