07/13/2011 08:01 pm ET | Updated Sep 12, 2011

Dodgers Downtown? New Stadium Near Staples Center A Possibility

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a tough time lately--maybe a shiny new baseball stadium is just what they need.

Over two months ago, sources like LA Dodger Talk and Yahoo Sports mentioned the possibility of the Dodgers moving to a new stadium downtown. LA has been hankering for a football team for some time, and the NFL has considered the current Dodger Stadium site at Chavez Ravine their first choice for an LA home, reported Yahoo. Dodger owner Frank McCourt wouldn't budge, but now that the team has filed for bankruptcy, the ravine's future is less certain.

LA Weekly points out that the potential new owner of the Dodgers would have to pay the vilified McCourt rent if the team stayed put. As such, the idea of moving an NFL team to the Chavez Ravine location and placing MLB games downtown has garnered some support.

Now, Sports by Brooks tells us that the MLB has reached out to Anschutz Entertainment Group, the owners of the Staples Center and proposed builders of the football stadium, to build a new baseball stadium downtown. While Sports by Brooks says that AEG wouldn't take an ownership role if they built the new Dodger Stadium, the complex would be close to the Staples Center and would surely bring extra revenue to AEG's LA Live downtown development.

The current Dodger Stadium has been in use since 1962, according to Ball Parks of Baseball. In addition to myriad celebrated baseball players, Olympians, Elton John, and the Pope have all played, performed, and prayed there, according to the MLB. Would a new stadium give the team a fresh start the team so badly needs, or is Dodger Stadium a sacred institution for LA baseball fans?