John Malone Giving Denver School Of Science And Technology $7 Million

07/13/2011 11:55 am ET | Updated Sep 12, 2011

The Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) had a welcome surprise Tuesday, to the tune of $7 million dollars. John Malone, the chairman of Liberty Media, said he will donate $4 million to the school this year and an additional $3 million through 2013, reports the Denver Business Journal.

Bill Kurtz, the chief executive of the Denver School of Science and Technology, told the Denver Post the money will help open five new schools in the Metro area.

According to a press release from DSST, the system currently serves 1,500 students with five schools across three campuses. At full enrollment, DSST plans to serve nearly 4,500 students.

The Denver School of Science and Technology has received wide acclaim since opening its doors in 2004. In 2010 the school was one of three finalists nationally in a competition to host President Obama for a graduation speech. Though beat out by a school in Michigan, 100 percent of DSST graduates have earned admission four-year colleges.

WATCH (from DSST):

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