07/13/2011 04:21 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2011

Justin Timberlake Invited To Marine Corps Ball Over YouTube

Now that Mila Kunis has accepted a date to the North Carolina Marine Corps Ball, it's fitting that her co-star Justin Timberlake gets an invitation of his own.

According to E! News, Corporal Kelsey De Santis posted a YouTube video of her own this week asking Timberlake to accompany her to a Washington, D.C. Marine Corps gala in November.

"Well, I'm gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps ball with me on Nov. 12. And if you can't go, all I have to say is, cry me a river. Hit me up."

De Santis is currently the only woman serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.

This latest offer from a service member to a celebrity comes after Sgt. Scott Moore, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, took to YouTube last week to ask Kunis to attend a Marine Corp gala with him this fall. After learning of his invitation, and some encouragement from Timberlake, Kunis happily accepted his offer.

"I'll go, I'll do it for you," she told Fox News last weekend.

Moore, who first posted his video as a result of a dare, sent a message to ABC News expressing his excitement that Kunis actually agreed to his offer.

"I'm very excited about the opportunity to share the experience with Ms. Kunis and would like thank her for accepting my offer," he wrote in an email, joking that he and Timberlake planned the entire set-up. "He's been a great wingman; it's nice to know he can get over the jealousy to help a brother out (just kidding). Justin Timberlake's encouragement definitely helped; I owe him one," Moore said.

But now it looks like the tables have turned on Timberlake.

"Are you going to come?" Kunis asked Timberlake after she accepted the offer.

"They don't want me! They want you," he responded. "You need to do it for your country."

Now it looks like it's your turn to step up, Mr. Timberlake.