07/14/2011 08:07 am ET | Updated Sep 13, 2011

Ann Coulter Banned From Piers Morgan's Show

Ann Coulter has found herself banned from Piers Morgan's show "for life" after canceling on the CNN host and going on Fox News instead.

Regular readers of Morgan's Twitter feed saw the whole thing play out in real time on Wednesday night. Morgan had announced on Tuesday that Coulter had canceled her appearance on his Thursday show. (It would have been her second, following a delightfully awkward chat she had with Morgan in June.)

Then, on Wednesday night, Coulter tweeted, "I'm on Hannity tonight! 9pm EST." The Fox News host just happens to be a direct rival with Morgan, whose show also airs at 9.

"Wow," Morgan fired back. "In that case you just banned yourself for life from my show. Congrats."

It's not the first time Coulter has found herself frozen out of a cable news arena. In February, she made her first appearance on MSNBC in years after being fired from the network on two separate occasions.

Morgan is also a quick dispenser of lifetime bans. Before his show began, he announced that he would never have Madonna as a guest because she was "boring."

(H/T Inside Cable News)