07/14/2011 10:30 am ET Updated Sep 13, 2011

Eliezer Sherbatov Goal: Israeli Hockey Star Shows Off At IIHF's Division III Championships (VIDEO)

Since the NHL season has been over for a little while now, we have to look internationally for amazing hockey highlights. Well, it's going to be difficult to find a better goal than this one.

Israeli hockey star Eliezer Sherbatov showed off some jaw-dropping moves over the weekend at the IIHF's Division III championships in Cape Town, South Africa. As Sherbatov skated toward the net on a breakaway, he dragged the puck between his legs, flipped it into the air and hit it past the dumbfounded goalie for an amazing goal. This is definitely an early candidate for goal of the year!

Hat tip to Puck Daddy!