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The Most Hipster Colleges

First Posted: 07/14/11 10:45 AM ET   Updated: 09/13/11 06:12 AM ET

Way back in 2010, we ranked America's top 10 hipster schools to much fanfare. Tiny Hampshire College in Massachusetts was voted the "most" hipster school in the nation, prompting its then-president, Ralph Hexter, to dub himself "Hipster in Chief."

We couldn't let 2011 pass us by without ranking the country's most prominent hipster schools. This year, we scoured the country for campuses where skinny jeans, American Spirits and Moleskins are de rigueur. Check out our winners below -- and let the intellectual debate rage in the comments section.

Grinnell College
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Iowa isn't necessarily a destination for the cool and connected, but isn't that the kind of thing hipsters love? It's pre-cool (or maybe post-cool) irony, like mom jeans, giant teddy bear sweaters and aviator glasses. In any case, Grinnell, a rural school of 1,600, is an oasis of liberal thought amid the plaintive Iowa cornfields. Under the tutelage of its savvy new president, Raynard Kington (campus nickname: Ray Kay), the school launched this year a cash prize for work in social justice. Plus, rent in the town of Grinnell is cheap, the city is eminently walkable and there's not a trace of Greek life.
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