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What We're Trying Now: Bold Brows

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Clockwise from left: Benefit; Arizona Muse - Versace FW2011 - Luca Cannonieri /; Alexander Wang FW2011 - Luca Cannonieri /; Ashley Olsen - Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic; Bobbi Brown; Alexander Wang FW2011 - Luca Cannonieri /; Chanel

There's a total glamour effect with strong brows: When done right (our inspiration is more Arizona Muse, less Joan Crawford), it can be instantly face-framing. Even if you weren't born with naturally awesome brows like Muse, you can channel the model's look with one of these brow-filling options.

First, start by taming any unruliness (we love Chanel's double-ended pencil). If your brows are prone to mid-day wonkiness, use a subtly-tinted brush-on gel like Benefit's Speed Brow to keep them in place. Or if sparseness is an issue, Bobbi Brown's pencil is fantastic -- it has the effect of a powder, but with the precision of a pencil.

1. Benetint Speed Brow, $16,

2. Chanel Precision Brow Definer, $29,

3. Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil, $20,

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