George Anthony, Casey Anthony's Father, Says She's Not Welcome Home [UPDATE]

07/15/2011 05:18 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

Casey Anthony is set to walk out of jail on Sunday, but she won't be walking home.

Her father George Anthony made it clear that his daughter will not be welcome in the family's Orlando home upon her release, according to Fox News.


In another sign that there's a family feud, George is supporting "Caylee's Law," a petition named for Casey's dead daughter that's gone viral and is under consideration in several states.

More than one million people signed the online petition which would make it illegal to not report a child's death within an hour. Anthony waited 30 days before claiming to authorities that her daughter was missing.

"Caylee's Law will be groundbreaking, and will be up there assisting the Adam Walsh Act, the Lungsford Act, Amber Alert, and many others that are necessary for our children," George Anthony told The Washington Post.

It's no surprise that George isn't welcoming home his daughter with open arms.

Bad blood between Casey and her dad became public while she was on trial. Her defense team alleged that George had sexually abused her.

UPDATE: ABC News has since amended the original assertion that George Anthony did not want his daughter to return home.

The correction: published a story earlier today stating that sources said George Anthony did not want Casey Anthony to return to the family home when she is released from jail. George Anthony's lawyer Mark Lippman has denied that George Anthony made that statement. "George has not expressed his feelings one way or the other. At such a time when he is ready, he will express what he wants to say," Lippman said.


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