07/15/2011 07:33 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

Levi Aron's Facebook Friend Shocked At Murder Charges, New Photos Emerge (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

When Amy Hutchinson posted a "Happy Birthday" Facebook message to her friend Levi Aron on Wednesday, little did she know he was being arrested on murder charges.

Aron was arrested Wednesday and is suspected of murdering 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky. Around the same time as Hutchinson's Facebook post, police were raiding Aron's Brooklyn home, only to discover the severed feet of 8-year-old Kletzky inside a refrigerator. Aron then led police to the rest of Kletzky's body, two miles away, inside a dumpster.

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Levi Aron Pleads Guilty To Murder Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky

Hutchinson, 32, of Pennsylvania, didn't know Aron personally, but the two had connected on Facebook to play Farmville -- the popular online game.

"No, I didn't know him," she told The Huffington Post during a Facebook chat, explaining the birthday wishes. "I posted it just 'cause he always has to me and he would pop up here and there on the chat."

It wasn't until later that Hutchinson began to receive a slew of Facebook messages from people she didn't know, telling her the horrifying news.

"Why are you friends with that psycho?" one person wrote.

Another message, from someone named Mary Joseph, read "Delete levi aron! HE IS THE DEVIL'S SON! Sincerely, Your Savior!"

And yet another wrote, "Your friend on FB is a murderer, Levi A. Google him, Levi Aron, here's a link. He killed an 8 year old boy and chopped his body into pieces."

Hutchinson was shocked. On her own Facebook wall Thursday, she warned her friends, "Be careful who you friend on fb...especially when you friend people that you don't know to play a game! I've been friends with a killer (Levi) for over a year and I had no idea! Time to clean up fb!"

She told The Huffington Post that Aron often tried to chat with her but she never responded. "He would just pop up sometimes and say 'Hi' and try to talk or say 'happy birthday.' I do remember him filling out a lot of those question things on Facebook. They would post to my wall that Levi 'answered a question about you' but I always deleted those."

One such questionnaire read, "Would you hook up with Amy Hutchinson?" Aron posted his response, "Yes," on Hutchinson's Facebook wall.

Yet as creepy as Aron could sometimes be online, Hutchinson still finds it hard to believe he was arrested on murder charges. "I know it sounds bad, but he always seemed like a normal person," she said. "It's scary that you never know."

Hutchinson still hasn't unfriended Aron on Facebook, saying she's interested to see what people write on his wall. Many have turned to the social networking site to express their anger. A new group, "Levi Aron: Death Penalty Petition" is currently "liked" by 147 people.

Aron plead not guilty to second-degree murder and kidnapping charges Thursday in court and is expected to be indicted on first-degree murder charges Friday.

The Daily reported that Aron allegedly stalked another young boy a few weeks before Kletzky's murder.