TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

07/17/2011 08:53 am ET | Updated Sep 16, 2011

Hello and good morning people and welcome to your Sunday Morning liveblog of the Sunday morning political pundit power-yammer-jammer-yellow-hammer. My name is Jason and I am not here! Yes, as you probably know, I am on vacation. Right about now I am likely to be somewhere in Wales, straining to understand commonplace phrases like "Dw i ddim yn deall" and "Ble mae'r toiled?" But just because I am away, it shouldn't mean that this space on the interwebs can't be a safe space for all you lovely people to while away the morning, talking about the news of the day and the news of your lives, with one another. We're glad to have you!

By now, wherever you may be, you are deep in the throes of the summer. Time to cool off! And what better way than with the help of the Sunday Morning Liveblog's Number One Arlen In The World, Arlen Gargagliano! As longtime readers know, Ms. Gargagliano has been using her love of cuisine and her mastery of the linguistic arts to teach both culinary and language literacy. I own and recommend highly her cocktail recipes. Her books, Mambo Mixers and Calypso Coolers, will help dispel the hated heat and humidity, and give you and your BFFs hours of summer enjoyment.

So partake, please. Here's some goodness to get you started. Everyone take shelter in this shade over here. Isn't that nice, to not have the sun bearing down on you? What is this, anyway? OH NOES IT'S THE DEBT CEILING, EVERYBODY RUN!

[The Sunday Morning liveblog returns on 7/31. We hope that between now and then, your days are happy!]

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