07/18/2011 05:09 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

Marc Tyler Suspended: USC Suspends Star Running Back For Season Opener

USC announced Monday that they have suspended projected starting running back Marc Tyler for at least the season opener as a result of comments he made that were filmed by TMZ.

In the video, the videographer asks the visibly intoxicated Tyler if he "got paid more at USC or right now in [the] pros?" To which Tyler enthusiastically responded "USC, they breaking bread!"

"I have consulted with athletic director Pat Haden and I am suspending Marc for our upcoming season opener and potentially further," USC head coach Lane Kiffin said in a statement. "In the meantime I am also suspending him from all team activities."

USC Athletic Director Pat Haden was similarly displeased saying in a statement, "Marc has a lot to do to prove he belongs on our team"

Tyler responded to the suspension in a statement saying, "After meeting today with Mr. Haden and Coach Kiffin, I realize how my behavior and my statements, even though I was joking, can reflect poorly on so many people."

The fifth-year senior led the Trojans in both rushing yards and rushing touchdowns last season.

A college athlete alluding to being paid is never good news for a program, but the topic is particular touchy at USC. The football team is currently on athletic probation and has been banned from post-season play for two seasons starting last year, as a result of their negligence in relation to former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, who allegedly received improper benefits while he was a student at the school.