07/18/2011 09:57 am ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

'Peanut Free Mom' Twitter Account Mocks Overprotective Mommy Bloggers (TWEETS)

The latest parody twitter account to grab the Internet's attention is @PeanutFreeMom, self-described "Life Coach, Career Mom, Peanut-Free Advocate."

Toward the end of June this account started tweeting self-righteous parenting advice and complaints relating to her son Caleb and his peanut allergy. As people started to respond (angrily, by the look of some of Peanut Mom's tweets) "she" started tweeting even more egregious quips about Whole Foods, Starbucks, hot yoga and other stereotypical "mommy blogger" fare.

Soon after being championed by Twitter master Rob Delaney the account went viral. It was mentioned on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast and investigated by The L.A. Times who in touch with the operator, a man who works with children, not a professional comedian or even a woman.

Hopefully the anonymous man running @PeanutFreeMom keeps it up, but just in case he doesn't, we've collected our favorite tweets from the account so far below. Vote for your favorite!