Short And Tweet: The Top 7 Tweets Of The Week

07/18/2011 01:26 am ET | Updated Sep 16, 2011

Short and Tweet, our weekly series, brings you the newsiest, most buzzworthy tweets of the past seven days. What's in store this week? Jerry Seinfeld wrote his first tweet, Paris Hilton stressed about the Carpocalypse, Donald Rumsfeld got a pat down from the TSA and more.

About Short And Tweet: Some tweets make news, and some of those tweets break news. HuffPost Tech's weekly feature of the top newsmaking tweets of the week showcases both.

We'll be posting our picks for the tweets of the week, but we want to hear from you, too: Tweet us suggestions using the hashtag #hptweets or email us links at See last week's picks here.

The Top Tweets Of The Week: July 8 - July 15