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5 Ancient Techniques To Boost Memory

The Huffington Post   Jordan K. Turgeon   First Posted: 07/19/11 09:30 AM ET   Updated: 09/18/11 06:12 AM ET

"What was on the grocery list, again?"

"Where did I park my car?"

"Did I turn off the coffee maker?"

These are just a few examples of questions most of us have probably asked ourselves at some point. And though we'll probably never have the need to remember the amount of information memorized by 2011 USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis, we don't want to be constantly forgetful, either.

Some techniques for remembering information date back centuries and are still useful today. The following details some of these methods -- you might be surprised to find you've used one while studying for an exam or trying to remember names and faces at work!

The Method of Loci
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This mnemonic memory technique is thought to have been used as far back as the ancient Roman times. Using this method, an individual uses a familiar layout or setting (the word "loci" means "location") to memorize a list of words. One easy way to do this is to use your home or apartment.

For example, if "dog" was the first word on a list, a person might picture a dog running up and down the sidewalk outside his or her home. If the second word was "flower," they might then picture walking into their house and seeing a beautiful flower sitting on the welcome rug.

Check out this interesting video from the BBC and watch memory expert Andi Bell demonstrate the use of the loci method.
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