07/19/2011 04:00 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2011

Suburban Chicago Castle Back On The Market At A Reduced Price (PHOTOS)

The current housing market isn't particularly fabulous for anyone, but when you're trying to sell a property catering to a decidedly niched category of potential buyers, it's a particularly treacherous time out there.

So when we heard, thanks to Curbed Chicago, that a Schaumburg, Ill., castle compound located at 2150 W. Hickory Lane was newly back on the market -- with a lowered price ($2 million, compared to its $2.4 million 2009 asking price) -- we jumped at the chance to offer our readers a look inside.

The castle, which comes complete with plenty of turrets, gargoyles and embattlements to please any Medieval Times enthusiast, is just part of the story of this property. According to Marcos Avila, the property's realtor at Accord One Real Estate, the castle, completed in 1995, was originally built for the owner's mother-in-law. When she found the castle to be too big for her liking, she ended up living in an adjacent house.

The property also includes a sauna and steam room, balcony, deck, above-ground pool, gazebo and a coach house, which parks at least six cars. It is surrounded by the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve and, in case you might want a taste of the time period that inspired its construction, is located just over a mile from Chicagoland's one and only Medieval Times facility itself.

While the owner, Christopher Kowalski, had wanted to add a new moat and another turret to the castle, Avila shared that "[Kowalski's] wife would have divorced him if he had completed the project." Now, as he and his wife, Grace, are the only residents of the 3.25 acre property, they've come to the conclusion that the land is too large for just them.

Learn more about the property by visiting its listing or by watching LXTV's feature on "The Castle" from their Open House Chicago series.

All photos courtesy of Marcos Avila, Accord One Real Estate

Suburban Castle Paradise
Suburban Castle Paradise