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The Fiske Guide's Most Interesting Colleges

First Posted: 07/19/11 09:43 AM ET   Updated: 09/18/11 06:12 AM ET

The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2012 made a special effort to include a good selection of four types of institutions that seem to be enjoying special popularity at present: engineering and technical schools, those with a religious emphasis, those with an environmental focus, and those located along the Sunbelt.

Finally, in a few cases the journalist's prerogative was exercised in writing about schools that are simply interesting. Below is an arbitrary list of the Top 13 Most Interesting and Unusual Schools featured in the Fiske Guide to College 2012.

Cooper Union (New York, N.Y.)
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Also a Fiske Best Buy for academics and affordability, Cooper Union features a free, yes FREE, education in art, architecture, and engineering. Expect Ivy-level competition for a place in the class here. Instead of a conventional campus, Cooper Union has the East Village - which is quite a deal. But be prepared to spend your nights hitting the books rather than the bars. Total enrollment is 990 students.
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