Casey Anthony-Themed Dunking Booth Shut Down At Kentucky Fair (VIDEO)

07/20/2011 04:32 pm ET | Updated Sep 19, 2011

Casey Anthony has been out of sight since her release from of jail on Sunday, but evidence of the public's continuing preoccupation with the murder trial is everywhere.

Amid several reports of violence sparked by the jury's verdict, Kentucky's Bluegrass Fair thought it unwise for a dunking booth to feature an Anthony look-alike, WKYT reports.

Bluegrass Fair Chairman Ron Mossotti told the station that the Anthony doppelganger had the words "guilty" and "not guilty" scrawled on her face. She taunted ball throwers with lines like "I wanna see some real men -- I've been in prison too long," and asked others if they needed a babysitter for the night, according to Fox News.

While the booth was popular with some, Mossotti told WKYT he had no idea it would get such a negative reaction online. As of Tuesday evening the booth was torn down.

Throughout the country, Anthony's acquittal is a hot button topic. In the days after the verdict, an Oklahoma woman was arrested for allegedly attacking a convenience store clerk who resembled Anthony.

In Florida, a debate over the verdict at a Melbourne Beach bar resulted in a drunken fistfight, leading to the arrest of 42-year-old Robert Hakimoglu, who allegedly jumped off a pier into the Indian River Lagoon to avoid arrest.

In Pennsylvania, a black man named "Casey Anthony" complained that he has been harassed, receiving hundreds of Facebook messages and phone calls.