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Cheesy San Francisco: 5 Artisan Cheese Dishes At SF Restaurants

    First Posted: 07/21/11 09:55 PM ET   Updated: 09/20/11 06:12 AM ET

Unless you're lactose intolerant, you love cheese (don't front, dieters). Here are five dishes that are generously filled with fancy dairy fat, comfy carbs, and well, more cheese. Drool along with us, won’t you? Your tummy will thank us later as you nosh on these lovely recs.

Mission Cheese
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Opened just three months ago, Mission Cheese has garnered foodie respect for its commitment to showcasing American artisan and farmstead cheese. The hot pressed sandwiches (Alotta Burrata, Chedd or Alive, Pork & Cheese) will make any cheese lover smile.
Mission Cheese, 736 Valencia Street at 18th Street (415-484-6553 or

Photo: Courtesy of Mission Cheese
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