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Lady With 700 Cats: Behold Our Future (VIDEO)

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Lynea Lattanzio isn't crazy, she just runs Cat House on the Kings, a 12-acre no-cage, no-kill cat refuge where she takes in strays, offers low-cost spaying and neutering referrals and facilitates pet adoptions.

National Geographic took a visit to Cat House on the Kings - the largest such refuge in the state of California - for their documentary, "The Lady with 700 Cats," and we're thankful they did, because we just learned so much.

We learned that people with a lot of pets might not have the best phone skills. We also learned that if you get a strange box at your front door in the morning, open it! It might be kittens! And, finally, we learned that Jane Lynch rivals our buddy Randall for best animal documentary narrator. We await her Emmy announcement.

To the outside world, 700 cats might seem a little crazy, but you won't find any complaints here. To quote Lynea, "If I was a cat, this is where I'd be."


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