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Olbermann Mocks O'Reilly's Defense Of News Corp (VIDEO)

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Keith Olbermann took on his old arch-nemesis Bill O'Reilly during his Wednesday "Worst Persons" segment. This time, Olbermann went after O'Reilly's fervent defense of his corporate bosses at News Corp. O'Reilly said that the phone hacking scandal was being over-hyped by "vicious" ideological opponents of the company.

Olbermann apparently has a new nickname for O'Reilly: "Billo the Comb-Over." He said O'Reilly's defense seemed like it came from a "comedy show," and gleefully corrected him on one of the main points he made: that "there's not one American employee of the News Corporation implicated in any of this."

As Olbermann pointed out, Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Les Hinton--all of whom have been implicated in the scandal--are American citizens. (Moreover, News Corp. itself is an American company.)

"Nice work!" Olbermann mockingly told O'Reilly.


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