07/21/2011 09:47 am ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Rebecca Black Gives Advice Behind The Scenes Of Her Music Video, 'This Is My Moment'

After debuting her song this week, teen songstress Rebecca Black now takes us behind the scenes of her music video, 'This is My Moment.'

Black talks about the process of making a video in her charming, bubbly way--like she were gushing to a pal on late night phone call.

"We had this amazing choreography and a lot of backup dancers and, um, the choreographer from 'So You Think You Can Dance.' And I watch that show, so it's very cool to me."

She goes on to give others advice (from personal experience, perhaps) ignore the naysayers, follow your dreams!

Well, say whatever you want about Rebecca Black, as she reminds us, she's just "a 13-year-old girl form Orange County who likes musical theater."