07/21/2011 02:14 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Steve Carell Comes Home To 'The Daily Show' & 'Papa Bear' Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

Steve Carell stopped by "The Daily Show" Wednesday night to promote his new movie "Crazy Stupid Love," but the former fake news correspondent spent more time reconnecting with his former boss and "Papa Bear" Jon Stewart.

In the first part of the interview Carell took some subtle jabs from Stewart about his departure from "The Office" ("Now, does Ashton Kutcher also take your role then?") and how they really wanted Ryan Gosling to come on and promote the movie. But soon enough Carell and Stewart were gushing over how much they missed each other and how they just have to get all the former correspondents together for a big, awesome, un-televised party. You'll just have to watch the clip to find out why it won't be televised.

Carell also got in some jokes about Stewart, first pretending to be offended and then breaking down and calling him "Papa Bear" for being the patriarch all the correspondents who make it big come back to see. Stewart sees himself more as that "lame 7th grade teacher" taking visits from former students who got jobs at The White House. Either way, it's always fun to see "Daily Show" alums "come home."


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