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Dalai Lama MasterChef Appearance: Australian Show Gets Special Guest (VIDEO)

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The Dalai Lama just wrapped up a brief American tour, which included stops at several major media outlets. He gave interviews to the Today Show and Rolling Stone, and met with President Obama. It was, in short, a distinguished trip, befitting a Nobel Prize Laureate and the leader of a major world religion.

Apparently, when His Holiness visits Australia, he does things differently. While there, he appeared as a guest judge on on the down-under version of MasterChef. The Dalai Lama was characteristically kind to the aspiring MasterChefs, refusing to judge anything harshly. He even says, after tasting all the food, "As a buddhist monk, I have no right to prefer this food to that food. Anything I am offered, I must accept." When one presents him with a dish she'd botched in the kitchen, tears in her eyes, he takes her hand and bowed to her as a mark of forgiveness and grace.

Here's the full video:

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