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Glenn Beck Believes Cenk Uygur's Account Of MSNBC Departure (VIDEO)

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Glenn Beck had a surprisingly sympathetic reaction to the departure of former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur from the network on his radio show on Thursday. MSNBC has disputed Uygur's account of his departure, but, speaking on his Friday radio show, Beck sided with Uygur's explanation: that the network asked him to "tone it down" following political pressure from people in Washington.

Beck's agreement with the progressive talk show host was unusual, and his co-host Stu Burguiere even said that "there's no reason to believe a word [Uygur] says." But after mispronouncing Cenk's name as "Sink" (it's pronounced 'Jenk'), Beck sided with Uygur's version of events. He described his own experience with political pressure at Fox, saying, "The White House came to meet with Fox to discuss my tone." He rhetorically asked, "You don't think they do that to all the others?"

Watch (via Johnny Dollar):

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