'Puff Puff Give' Is The Painfully Bad Stoner Song No One Was Waiting For (VIDEO)

07/23/2011 11:45 am ET | Updated Sep 22, 2011

Hannah's Field is a "gypsy reggae duo" from Portland, Oregon that consists of vocalist HannaH and her sidekick, Bongo Bliss.

According to the group's site, their latest release, "Music Magic Medicine," is accompanied not only by the stoneriffic music video below, but a complimentary "vegetarian/vegan cookbook written by Chef Bliss who is a Nutritional Healer and former owner of the restaraunt [sic] 'Fabadesiac.'" Yum!

If you need to mellow out this morning, maybe try taking a page from HannaH's book and remember, "The food we ingest is the medicine that heals our bodies. The music we listen to is the magic that heals our spirits."

Heal, you guys. Heal.


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