07/26/2011 02:01 pm ET | Updated Sep 25, 2011

Bleachorexics Need To Lay Off The Teeth Whitener (VIDEO)

The latest in obsessive beauty habits? Bleachorexia.

"Good Morning America" has brought our attention to a sort of "dental dysmorphia" where people become obsessed with getting the whitest, brightest teeth at all costs, both health-wise and wallet-wise.

Natalie Cohen is presented as a "bleachorexic" and describes her obsession in typical addict terms: "As soon as I could get my hands on whatever products in any drugstore, department store thing, I would just grab it..."

According to the show, Cohen "abused" whitening products in high school, developing serious insecurities about the brightness of her smile.

How do you know if you're a bleachorexic? "GMA" interviews a professional dentist who identifies the typical traits of an addict, including, "They will come in and say, 'I want my teeth whiter.'" Really.

While we're sure teeth whitening does become an obsession for some, it seems pretty simple to slap the "--rexia" suffix on a word and call it a disorder.

There's been drunkorexia (starving off calories consumed from alcohol), unirexia (shedding the Freshmen 15 instead of gaining it) and momarexia (the Bethanny Frankels of the world who kill themselves to shed their baby weight). Beyond weight loss, there is "money-rexia" characterized by an obsession with -- what else? -- money.

But teeth whitening as a real addiction? At this rate, we'll soon be diagnosed with shoparexia, chocolate-rexia and carb-rexia.