Celebrities Turned Politicians, Can They Solve The Debt Crisis?

07/26/2011 05:14 pm ET | Updated Sep 25, 2011

If Jack Donaghy can run Kabletown, can Alec Baldwin govern New York? If Donald Trump can pick out the next "Apprentice," can he find terrorists? If Bristol Palin was quick on her toes on "Dancing with the Stars," can she turn on that same fancy footwork in the political realm?

When it comes to ego, Hollywood is not short on the three-letter word. From actors to singers to celebrities for the sake of celebrity, Hollywood's hottest heads are not shy about throwing their hats into the political ring -- or merely boosting their ratings in the process.

Debt ceiling debate? No problem. Whether they've played a president or a congressman in a movie or are the spawn of a once presidential hopeful, these celebrities and fauxlebrities alike have gotten political.

Celebrities Turned Politicians
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