07/27/2011 01:50 pm ET | Updated Sep 26, 2011

Rachel Zoe: 'I Do Not Hold My Child In Heels' (VIDEO)

Our day just got a whole lot better after watching this Rachel Zoe interview, in which the bubbly Hollywood stylist walks ABC's very excitable Juju Chang through her own and four-month-old Skyler Morrison Berman's enviable closets.

Four important things we learned from the grand tour, other than that our own closets are seriously lacking:

1. Tod's driving mocs are still totally worth it even for babies who have nowhere to drive.

2. The colorful cardigan baby Skyler sported back in June is, as rumored, a Missoni original.

3. The pièce de résistance of Skyler's wardrobe is a leather bomber by Gucci that comes in its own mini garment bag.

4. Rachel Zoe is apparently planning on never holding her child. At least that's what we gather from this quotable: "My rule is: I do not hold my child in heels. I take my heels off -- jewelry comes off, heels come off."

Check out both videos below. You can thank us later.