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NBA Lockout Report: Three-Point Leader Dorell Wright Discusses His 'Changed Outlook'

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Dorell Wright playing video games with his son | Pink Dolphin

The NBA lockout has changed the summer landscape for many players, from NBA superstars to veterans. For some, it means going overseas, for others it means going bi-coastal, but for Dorell Wright, it means a few different things.

Wright is coming off the best season of his young NBA career. The preps-to-pros wing led the NBA with 194 three-pointers made last season and showed off much of the scoring promise that made him the 19th selection by the Miami Heat in 2004. Wright still has one more year left on his deal with Golden State in which he will earn $4.1 million -- the most made by him during any one season.

But adjustments are on the way. The Warriors recently hired first time head coach Mark Jackson and drafted talented swingman Klay Thompson in the lottery. Wright seems content, however -- especially when it comes to Jackson.

"I think he'll bring a lot of knowledge, a lot of leadership, just being a point guard," Wright said. "I think he's definitely going to be the leader that we need, and I think he's going to do a great job."

Wright -- a gadget lover and self proclaimed "tech guy," is a huge proponent of the iPad, "because of all the little apps, especially the games when you compete with your friends -- Words with Friends, Angry Birds... I get real competitive."

His other love?

"Xbox all day," he says jokingly when asked about the Microsoft product or PS3. "I run with myself or the Lakers. I take fatigue off those guys so they don’t get tired."

Gadgets aside, anybody who follows the NBA knows that it consists of lots of routine and then even more routine. During the season that routine means travel, treatment, downtime and of course, games. The offseason means working out. For Wright, the daily routine hasn't been altered.

"The lockout hasn't really changed things for me," he says.

He explained, "When the [day] comes when you get paid or don't get paid, I think that's when it will finally hit, but as far as weight training, getting shots up, open gym, playing in the Drew League here [in L.A.], I've been doing the same thing. I'm not going to change anything, but once it gets closer to that time and it lingers, then I'll [worry about that]."

The highly prestigious Drew League and the infamous UCLA open runs have helped keep his game sharp, so for Wright, much like Watson, the main differences have focused on life outside the gym. An L.A. native who has now played for two franchises and could very well play for a third after 2012, his hefty salary is only as valuable as the next paycheck. With the threat of a work stoppage all but certain, Wright has also been forced to look at real estate in a much different light.

His message seems to be on par as the underlying tone for most NBA players. A new labor deal can be drawn up anytime, but unless it's a fair agreement, it's not worth settling on -- even if it means a sacrifice in property.

"[The lockout] definitely has [changed my outlook]," Wright says.

"I'm in the process now where the lockout [impacts] me buying my place or renting, or looking somewhere else, so I'm just playing it by ear and hoping everything works out as soon as possible."

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