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Virginia Tice Fights Obscenity Charges After Dangling Fake Testicles From Truck Bumper

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John Caddell told WCSC that the fake testicles are an expression of his truck's pwoer | WCSC

A woman with a fake set of testicles on her truck's bumper is fighting the hefty ticket she got in South Carolina for allegedly violating an obscene bumper sticker law.

Police in Bonneau ticketed Virginia Tice, 65, at a gas station in early July after they saw a big, red plastic scrotum hung from the trailer hitch, The Charleston Post & Courier reported.

The case will go before a jury, according to Reuters.

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The $445 penalty outraged other Palmetto State residents who've decorated their vehicles with novelty male genitalia.

"To me it's just a personal expression," John Caddell told WCSC "My truck's got power."

A number of brands compete in the market and go by names like Truck Nutz and Bulls Balls. Similar items are available for bicycles.


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