Freddy Roberto Canul-Arguello, Man Found Dead and Burned in Buena Vista Park Trash Bin, Allegedly Died During Sex

07/29/2011 08:16 pm ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

Early on the morning of June 10th, SFPD officers responded to a call about a small brush fire at Buena Vista Park. When they arrived, they were treated to a grisly scene--the badly burned body of Freddy Roberto Canul-Arguello smoldering in a blue recycling bin in a corner of the park.

Last week, police arrested David Diaz in conjunction the case. And now, the Public Defender's Office has an explanation as to what happened: Canul-Arguello died while having sex with Diaz.

Alex Lilien, an attorney in the public defender's office, said he believes the two men went to Buena Vista Park in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood for sex after having a few drinks at a bar at Castro and Market streets.

"I believe it was a terrible accident and some form of erotic asphyxiation," Lilien said outside the courtroom. "Mr. Diaz then panicked and set a garbage can on fire."

Diaz allegedly met Canul-Arguello in a Castro-area bar and then two went to Buena Vista Park for sex, where something went terribly wrong.

Canul-Arguello immigrated from Mexico four years ago. He worked Pi Bar in the Mission and regularly performed in drag shows.

In addition to the felony counts of murder and robbery, Diaz has also been charged with one felony count of arson of a recycling bin and one felony count of mutilating/maiming/disfiguring a body, as Canul-Arguello's body was left either in or near a garbage receptacle. Diaz is also charged with one misdemeanor count of destruction of evidence

Diaz is currently being held on $1 million bail.

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