07/29/2011 08:52 am ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

Louis C.K.'s First 'Letterman' Appearance In 15 Years (VIDEO)

In May, Louis C.K. told GQ's Scott Raab that he had an unexplained falling out with David Letterman -- or at least with "Late Show."

"I haven't been on Letterman in 15 years," C.K. told Raab. "I loved doing that show. Dave's my favorite. Dave's who I watch -- I wrote for him. And I did the show five times or so, and I've been told that I'm not okay there anymore." (Check out C.K.'s first appearance on Letterman here.)

Within weeks of the GQ interview, Letterman's camp confirmed to New York magazine that C.K. was set to perform on the show the end of July. And last night, he did.

Check out the video of Louis C.K.'s glorious return to "Late Show with David Letterman," where he discusses how the world might be different with the ever-looming threat of getting eaten by lions.