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The Week In Apple Rumors: What Do YOU Believe?

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 07/31/11 07:07 PM ET   Updated: 09/30/11 06:12 AM ET

Every week the numerous blogs covering the machinations of the Apple empire float tons of unconfirmed rumors, futuristic speculation, and questionably-sourced reports on what Steve Jobs and company might be unveiling in the near or distant future. Let's take a look back at what these Mac blogs were excited about this week, from July 24 - 31.

A Vietnamese iPhone 4!
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MacRumors posted pictures they found on a Vietnamese forum of what is supposedly the prototype for a lower-cost iPhone 4 (or iPhone 4s), rumored to be coming out later this year. This Vietnamese forum apparently released photos of an early iPhone 4 before it was released earlier last year, so you know this rumor isn't totally illegitimate; but really, what's a Vietnamese iPhone 4s when you compare it to...
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