08/01/2011 12:12 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2011

Chopstick Pickpockets Appear To Snatch Valuables With Eating Utensils (Video)

Some crooks make you fork over your cash. Others seem to be snatching stuff with chopsticks.

Both the Shanghaiist and MSNBC have posted videos appearing to show thieves armed with chopsticks or long tweezers who snatch cellphones and other belongings from the pockets of unwitting victims in China.

The chopsticky-fingered crooks strike from behind, using the eating utensils to grab valuables without tipping off their victims.

Though a criminologist told Slate that pickpocketing has become a "lost art" in America, perpetrators of the crime in China have become more sophisticated in recent years, avoiding phone and even social contact with their accomplices when they aren't committing their heists, China Daily notes.