08/02/2011 07:30 pm ET | Updated Oct 02, 2011

Lance Bass Launches Radio Show; Will The Former 'N Sync Star Make A Comeback?

In a lot of ways, Justin Timberlake achieved the impossible. After spending the first half of his life serenading screaming girls, he was able to completely reinvent himself--thanks to good looks, smart dating choices and SNL.

Timberlake was able to side-step his boy band past, so could his spiky-haired, baby-faced brethren to do the same?

Well, Lance Bass is certainly going to try.

This July, Bass launched 'The Pop Ten,' a weekly radio show on SiriusXM, which bills itself as so much more than a music countdown. It's tapestry of pop culture--a fusion between friendly talk show, including celebrity guests, and a music countdown--with Bass at its the center.

The Daily Beast recently profiled the 'N Sync star to illustrate a dizzying ambition and a budding comeback.

Bass has been on the periphery of pop culture for a while, making headlines when he announced his homosexuality and his heartfelt space aspirations.

Recently, his interests are a little more grounded, but still impressive. Though Timberlake is trying to revamp Myspace, Bass is putting his own entrepreneurship to work with FamousYardSale, a site dedicated to selling off celebrity's belongings. He is also planning on turning that concept into a reality TV show.

But as the article explains, that's not all. "Bass has at least four TV other shows in development, including a sitcom and another reality competition in a format similar to The Voice, but for aspiring boy-band members."

So, what do you think? Can lightning strike twice for this boy band?

To read more, click over to The Daily Beast.

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