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'iPad Head Girl' Video: Cosmo For Guys Ad Goes Viral

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We've seen the iPad used as a DJ turntable, a nametage and even as a toy for a cat. But what about for a head?

Well, a New York City marketing agency did just that with "iPad Head Girl," a video that, according to 9to5 Mac, was created to promote the launch of Hearst's new iPad-only publication, 'Cosmo For Guys' (CFG).

The video features a woman wearing four iPads on her head, walking around and enjoying a book (not an e-book, it should be noted) in New York City's Bryant Park. As one would think, she attracts a bit of attention from passersby.

The Next Web reports that the video was created by Thinkmodo, the firm that created the fake Times Square hacking video that went viral in March, according to Kashmir Hill at Forbes.

To read about how "iPad Head Girl" was created, check out the report from NBC Bay Area. You can also visit the iTunes App Store to check out Hearst's CFG app.

What do you think of "iPad Head Girl?" Effective viral ad? A bit creepy? Misogynistic? Let us know in the comments.

WATCH: Video at top.

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