Sampler Platter: 10 More Extraordinary Restaurant Ribs From HuffPost Readers (PHOTOS)

08/02/2011 05:38 pm ET | Updated Oct 02, 2011

Sampler Platter is a new recurring series on HuffPost Food, in which we will explore amazing versions of classic dishes at restaurants around the country. First up: Ribs.

Two weeks ago, HuffPost Food debuted its inaugural Sampler Platter, highlighting rib dishes we found to be special across the country. We featured a broad spectrum of styles, from the most orthodox of Kansas City barbecue to the hautest of Northeastern haute cuisine. They all look delicious to us, perfect for a hearty summer meal.

The reader response to the piece was enormous. Many agreed with our picks, but some did not. Oddly enough, the ribs that had the most vocal detractors, the ones from Neely's in Memphis, also posted the highest scores in our slideshow voting tool. If there was anything like a consensus on the comment boards, it was this: you wanted more barbecue. Thankfully, you passed along some of your favorite joints. We've compiled 10 of them into a slideshow—click through below to find out if one of your suggestions made it! And if it didn't, or if you didn't get around to suggesting a treasured BBQ shack (or Michelin starred rib palace) the first time around, do so now. You can comment, Tweet, or just plain add your own recommendations.

Sampler Platter will return in just a few weeks with extraordinary versions a whole new dish. Until then, feast your eyes on these reader-suggested rib joints:

Sampler Platter: Ribs, User Choice
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