Jason Bateman Promotes 'The Change-Up' On 'The Daily Show,' Says The Movie Is 'Garbage'

08/03/2011 09:44 am ET | Updated Oct 03, 2011

Jason Bateman has certainly taken a new approach to promoting.

When he stopped by 'The Daily Show' to talk-up his latest film, 'The Change-Up,' the actor had some unexpected, choice words for the comedy.

"It's crap. The movie's garbage."

Of course, this is not the first time Bateman and his obscenity-flinging co-star, Ryan Reynolds, have talked down the movie.

In their wry promo, Reynolds cuts to the heart of the matter: "Body switching is a pretty stupid f*cking idea, but the movie's funny if they go they'll laugh their d*ck off."

This is the same tactic (though, a bit cleaned up) Bateman used while visiting Jon Stewart.

"Here's what I'm going to promise you, is that while it is a tired -- some would say, pleasantly familiar -- premise...our obligation is to please you post-switch."

And with an enveloping-pushing R rating, Bateman assures, emphatically, "That's what we do."