08/03/2011 09:40 am ET | Updated Oct 03, 2011

Patricia Clarkson As Tammy 1 Delights Nick Offerman

It's not Oprah, but Nick Offerman is pretty pumped about his new, first psycho ex-wife.

While Offerman tried, with the help of the Huffington Post, to get a campaign to get Oprah Winfrey to join "Parks and Recreation" to play Tammy 1, his first crazy ex-wife named Tammy, he told TV Line that he was plenty pleased with the recently announced choice of Patricia Clarkson to fill the role.

"I'm lucky enough to be pals with [Patricia], and I was involved in trying to woo her to the show," Offerman told TVLine. "So Megan [Mullally, his real-life wife and Tammy 2] and I were just over the moon."

In fact, the threesome went out and celebrated -- though on screen, the terror Clarkson's Tammy will bring to both Ron and Tammy 2 will leave them doing nothing of the sort.

Clarkson has been showing off her crazy lately on screen, as she stars as Mila Kunis's sexually loose mother in "Friends With Benefits."

For more, click over to TV Line.

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